ANTWERP, Belgium, March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

genae, a global service provider for the medical industries, today announced the acquisition of Hilbert Paradox (HPX), a digital health data management platform.

HPX offers a unique way of capturing and correlating digital health data by employing computing power, AI and data analytics. The company aims at increasing health data equity, which may result in better patient treatments and reduced healthcare costs.

“This transaction underlines our focus on digital health and on data-driven services to accelerate research,” said Bart Segers, CEO at genae. “The HPX technology, which will be incorporated in genae’s staicy platform, already proved its ability to process very large datasets from connected and diagnostic devices, websites and applications in the field of genomics, biosensors and wearables.”

HPX’ services will integrate with genae’s Digital Health division. There will be no disruptions of services during the integration, which will take place over the next six months.

About genae

genae is a data-driven service provider for the medical industries and is involved in the development of devices and therapies that change medical practice. With HQ in Antwerp, Belgium, and offices globally, genae serves a client base ranging from publicly traded, strategic players to very early start-ups.

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