Pharma Technology Focus is a free monthly magazine offering timely, in-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical industry in an innovative digital format.

Launching in May 2011, the magazine looks at new technologies and the latest market developments in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, using an engaging mix of editorial and rich-media content such as video, animation and interactive applications.

Each issue of the magazine is promoted on Back issues are archived and easily accessible from the site as well as from each issue of the magazine.

Digital magazine for pharmaceutical industry professionals

The targeted readership of Pharma Technology Focus is made up of pharmaceutical industry decision-makers from more than 190 countries, with about 29% of readers located in Europe and 46% in North America.

Subscribers to the magazine include professionals working in roles such as direct procurement operations, product management and leading positions in regulatory affairs.

International circulation throughout the pharmaceutical industry

We have created a powerful international circulation for Pharma Technology Focus. Each month the magazine will be delivered directly to the inboxes of 50,000 industry professionals.

The magazine is published in association with the leading industry websites and These websites are visited daily by industry professionals who wish to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry. All of our 45,000 monthly visitors can access the digital magazine, which is promoted in prime position on the homepage as well as on various other sections of the website.

In-depth analysis of pharmaceutical industry developments

Pharma Technology Focus covers all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, offering in-depth analysis of the latest technological and market developments. Each month the magazine will explore an area within the pharmaceutical industry. Themes that will be covered include:

  • Drug discovery, research and development
  • Manufacturing and pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Drug delivery and formulation
  • Pharmaceutical packaging and labelling
  • Logistics, supply chain and cold chain
  • Counterfeiting

The magazine uses an engaging mix of editorial articles, interactive features and video content to create an innovative reading experience. Readers can browse the magazine online, as well as download, print and share the entire magazine or individual pages.