Micom Laboratories is pleased to announce its recent commissioning of a 1,700ft³ (48m³) Thermotron climatic chamber. At Micom, a laboratory specialized in cold chain and packaging testing in general, this chamber will be used to test multiple sets of boxes simultaneously for cold chain qualification, which will result in a more economical approach for cold chain qualification for the pharmaceutical industry. Micom’s new climatic chamber features a 7ft (2.1m) wide door and a loading ramp that also allows cold chain qualification of up to six shippers’ pallets simultaneously or three LD-3 containers at once.

Micom also had to acquire additional data acquisition equipment to support the significant capacity increase this new chamber offers. This new acquisition confirms Micom Laboratories as a major cold chain test services provider on a global scale. Micom is one of the few laboratories specialized in cold chain testing with no ties to any gel or insulated shipper, manufacturer or distributer.