We’re excited to share a recent accomplishment at iCura, showcasing the power of our nanoplate-based dPCR assay.

We successfully passed the Proficiency Test programme at CAP for the detection of BRAF V600E mutation in FFPE tissue tumour samples using our nanoplate-based dPCR (ndPCR) Laboratory Developed Test (LDT). In reviewing the CAP published PT programme participants survey, we confirmed our assay has a clear advantage over the majority of other BRAF V600E assays.

Of 154 laboratory responses, only ten labs reported a LoD below 1%. iCura’s nanoplate- based dPCR BRAF V600E assay has an LoD of 0.07%, which places us among the top tier of all participating labs nationwide (for the same or similar assay)!

This achievement is another testament to the high quality, accuracy and reliability we offer to our clients at iCura. We help our partners advance their translational research, clinical trials and patient care to the next level with state-of-the-art testing. Advanced testing platforms like ours are changing the landscape of diagnostics and offering powerful solutions to fuel cutting-edge research and diagnosis.

Kudos to the iCura genomics service and the entire operational team!!!