Results of Comparison of Ames MPF PENTA I with Ames Plate Incorporation

Xenometrix tested 17 mutagenic reference compounds with the 5 tester cultures of the PENTA I kit (TA98, TA100, TA15335, TA1537 and EC wp2 uvrA plus EC wp2 [pKM101]) and compared the results with those of the plate incorporation test published mainly in the national toxicology program NTP database.

The study revealed a 100% overall concordance between the Ames MPF and the plate incorporation method to identify mutagens. The strain-specific concordance was 100% for TA100 and TA1537, 93% for TA1535 and 86% for TA98. The E.coli Combo results (uvrA plus [pKM101] were compared with data available for A:T responding strains (TA102, EC wp2 uvrA and EC wp2 uvrA [pKM101]) and resulted in a 100% concordance.

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