Xenometrix Introduces New Ames MPF YG Microplate-Based Mutagenicity Test Kit

Xenometrix has expanded its range of Ames microplate-based mutagenicity test kits and introduced a basic kit for the use with the S.typhimurium tester strains YG1021, YG1024 and YG1041. The strains are useful tools for efficient detection of certain classes of genotoxic chemicals in the environment. The metabolically enhanced tester strains show extreme sensitivity for nitroarenes and/or aromatic amines. They are consequently used to test for the presence of nitro-PAHs and/or heterocyclic amines, for example in contaminated river sediments.

The basic Ames MPF YG kit comes in two sizes: one or six compounds, when tested in triplicates; or six dilutions of negative and positive control, with and without S9. The kit includes media, a detailed instruction manual, but not the YG strains, the positive controls or the antibiotics. S9 is available separately.

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