Matesy and CardioSec jointly offer clinical and preclinical research services in the field of drug absorption studies.

The magnetic capsule MAARS, in combination with the magnetic monitoring system 3D-MAGMA, allows drugs to be delivered precisely into the gastrointestinal tract in men and animals for HDA as well as very early proof-of-concept studies at moderate cost levels. Within the Pharmagnetic network we are able to serve drug development solutions at different stages.

Tracking magnetic marked capsules in the gastrointestinal tract

3D-MAGMA is a device for real-time tracking of magnetic marked capsules inside the human gastrointestinal tract. The localisation accuracy gives a 3D position with a maximum error of less than 3mm and allows the 3D path of the capsule to be calculated. Thus, the user always knows the capsule’s exact position.

Tracking magnetic marked capsules without radioactive tracers

3D-MAGMA is a CE-certified medical device. Its main features are:

  • Accurate real-time position acquisition
  • Works without ionising radiation
  • Correlation of 3D position and position within the organ
  • Measuring of travelled capsule path and motility patterns

Magnetic capsule for in vivo pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism

MAARS is a remote-controlled magnetic capsule that offers controlled release of any dosage form of active agents into the GI-tract far before galenics must act. The scalable MAARS capsule transports up to 2.5ml of the active agent safely to the targeted region and releases all of the content, triggered by a short magnetic impulse. Behaviour of the active agent can be studied with standard methods.

The main features of drug delivery with the MAARS remote-controlled magnetic capsule are:

  • Completely passive magnetic capsule inside the organism
  • Large payloads of up to 2.5ml possible
  • Release triggered by short magnetic impulse
  • Complete release
  • Small capsule elements after release for an easy withdrawal

In vitro metabolism with a magnetic capsule and magnetic monitoring system

The MAARS and 3D-MAGMA technology offers two key capabilities in the field of in vitro metabolism: identifying drug interaction risks, and elucidating idiosyncratic risks and transporter issues.

ADME programmes include:

  • Kinetics for drugs and standard agents
  • Absorption windows
  • Drug release characteristics
  • Intestinal drug targeting
  • Metabolite profiling and identification

Benefits of a remote-controlled magnetic capsule and magnetic monitoring system

Using the MAARS remote-controlled magnetic capsule and the 3D-MAGMA magnetic monitoring system enables the release of arbitrary drug formulations at any destination inside the complete gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals.

MAARS and 3D-MAGMA have preclinical and clinical applications due to scalable capsules, and both solid and liquid dosage forms are possible. No radioactive marker is necessary, and the MAARS and 3D-MAGMA technology offers low stress for volunteers and clinical personnel. It also offers fast results with moderate effort.

Services for human drug absorption studies

As part of their portfolio of services Matesy and CardioSec can execute preclinical and clinical resorption trials. They cover very early proof-of-concept studies, even before development of a preliminary formulation, as well as the import and release of test medication according to EU regulations. They also handle in vivo and ex vivo pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism studies.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs with one of our specialists.