Biogazelle is the real-time PCR data analysis company, built upon a decade of experience in real-time PCR experiment design, assay development and data analysis.

Groundbreaking papers published by Biogazelle’s founders Jo Vandesompele and Jan Hellemans on normalisation of gene expression and data analysis have been cited more than 3,000 times.

Biogazelle’s expert knowledge and experience forms the basis for its complete solution portfolio. Its products and services are designed to accommodate the needs of all academic and industrial qPCR users.

Biogazelle’s primary focus is providing state-of-the-art qPCR data analysis software that guides users towards sound and powerful data analysis. Other activities include training and consultancy where specialist knowledge is needed. Biogazelle is also an experienced service provider and handles real-time PCR experiments (e.g. whole genome miRNA profiling) for academic and industrial customers.

qPCR data analysis software

Biogazelle’s flagship product qbasePLUS is the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly real-time PCR data analysis software based on the proven Ghent University geNorm™ and qBase™ technology, enhanced with proprietary algorithms and time-saving features. Whatever platform, whatever type of data or experiment, qbasePLUS offers an open and flexible solution that accepts virtually any input format and renders true confidence in your results.

qbasePLUS truly accelerates all kinds of real-time PCR research; it is intuitive for small experiments and extremely powerful for big projects.

A full list of all features is available on the Biogazelle website; this includes a selection of stably expressed reference genes, multiple gene normalisation, efficiency correction, error propagation, inter-run calibration, copy number analysis, and bio-statistics.

qPCR experiment design and data analysis courses

Based on years of experience, Biogazelle organises two-day courses at different locations worldwide. The courses cover the fundamental and advanced principles of experiment design and data analysis, and are targeted towards qPCR users of all experience levels. The course content consists of a balanced mix between theoretical background and practical hands-on data-analysis using qbasePLUS. More than 95% of the course participants recommend the course to others.

Quantitative PCR service

The experienced Biogazelle service team performs real-time PCR experiments using state-of-the-art technologies. Their competence gained through many years of pioneering research will take your research to a higher level. The service portfolio ranges from sample preparation to data analysis using rigorous MIQE-compliant procedures, high-throughput laboratory methods, and qbasePLUS data analysis software.

Biogazelle is the preferred service provider for whole genome miRNA expression profiling using real-time quantitative PCR. Its in-house validated miRNA screening pipeline allows accurate and sensitive expression analysis of 755 microRNAs by means of real-time quantitative PCR with hydrolysis probe based miRNA assays.

Recently, Biogazelle has developed a revolutionary platform for accurate and sensitive expression profiling of 1718 human long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). The platform consists of state-of-the-art validated qPCR assays for 1676 long intergenic ncRNAs (lincRNAs) and 52 lncRNAs. lncRNAs represent an emerging important class of regulatory transcribed elements. The study of lncRNAs is timely and relevant, because of their implication in important cellular processes, through new modes of action. The lncRNA genes are generally low abundant, which is exactly why there is a genuine need for a platform with ultimate sensitivity. Biogazelle’s qPCR service solution is the first to accommodate this need.

Customers appreciate Biogazelle’s extreme flexibility to complete their projects according to the highest standards of qPCR based nucleic acid quantification.