Fluoresentric (FI) was founded in 2003 by two expert real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay design and development scientists. FI’s facility is located in Park City, Utah, US. It has a full complement of real-time PCR test development instrumentation for quantification, gene expression, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery, and genotyping assays.

FI also has separate suites for assay design, small-to-mid scale manufacturing (including reagent lyophilization), biochemical analysis, and customer instrument development and testing. Each suite is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and data analysis technologies.

FI offers a broad range of real-time and conventional PCR nucleic acid testing (NAT) and biochemical analysis and identification services, and expertise in scientific, professional, technical, manufacturing, and quality control. Our services include formulation development, nucleic acid assay design, analytical methods development, validation and reagent stability assessment.

Contract PCR and biochemistry services

FI is your one-stop-provider of all things PCR and biochemistry:

  • Drug effects on gene expression
  • Drug efficacy on biochemical expression
  • NAT design (singleplex, duplex, multiplex and internal positive controls)
  • NAT development (singleplex, duplex, multiplex and internal positive controls)
  • Quality control for NAT reagents (oligonucleotides, buffers and enzymes)
  • NAT validation (specificity, sensitivity, LLOD and LLOQ)
  • NAT reagent stability studies
  • Custom ready-to-use NAT reaction mixes (lyophilized)

Bioanalytical services

Our bioanalytical services include:

  • Analytes: genomic DNA, exogenous DNA, total RNA, mRNA, siRNA, biomolecules, pro-drugs, drugs and metabolites
  • Matrices: any
  • Quantitative real-time PCR, relative gene expression, genotyping services, SNP discovery and target sequence discovery
  • Biochemical expression / content

Custom PCR assay – design, optimization and consumables

FI understands the cost pressures in the pharmaceutical environment. We ensure that we develop products that can be manufactured in a timely and reproducible manner using cost-effective materials. Beginning with a concept, the experts at FI can develop ideas into custom tests and products.

FI provides the following:

  • Consultation to plan how to achieve maximum data recovery per reaction
  • Assay redesign, reoptimization or troubleshooting for existing PCR assays
  • Optimization of NAT assays to your performance criteria
  • High-throughput NAT assay development
  • Quantitative real-time PCR (RT-PCR), and reverse transcription RT-PCR assays
  • Genotyping assays in a variety of probe chemistries
  • Instrumentation usage support
  • Assay reagent development
  • Sample preparation protocol development
  • Custom packaging including lyophilization

In addition, FI offers gene expression with cognate biochemical quantification to confirm bioactivity of pharmaceutical formulations, clinical-sample collection, and preparation solutions.

Pharmacogenomics – drug sensitivity and resistance profiling

FI has developed a patent-pending process for the detection of drug response markers. Examples include:

  • Tuberculosis multiple drug-resistance screening
  • Malaria chloroquine resistance screening
  • MRSA marker screening
  • Human cancer cell resistance to taxanes
  • HIV resistance to nucleoside analogues

PCR sample preparation technologies

Our PCR sample preparation technoloiges include:

  • High-throughput real-time PCR ready sample preparation kits
  • Moderate-throughput real-time PCR ready sample preparation kits
  • Clinical sample nucleic acid extraction kits, suitable for point of care testing
  • Custom sample preparation kit development