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Tissue Solutions Announces Collaboration with CompanDX to Deliver New Bioinformatics Service

Tissue Solutions is pleased to announce a collaboration with CompanDX to deliver a bioinformatics service in support of personalised medicine and patient stratification. The partnership provides an unparalleled opportunity to link the supply of human tissues and biofluids to subsequent biomarker and target identification studies.

Clients will be able to conduct one-stop studies examining the effects of drug treatments on tissues or cells provided by Tissue Solutions which can be interrogated to reveal changes in expressed gene interactions, paving the way for co-therapy or therapy planning decisions. Potential applications include identifying toxicity issues, drug interactions and personalised medical applications such as the prediction of an individual’s risk of an actual time to event such as disease presentation and metastases.

CompanDX have developed a range of proprietary and powerful approaches to artificial network (ANN) modelling to generate information-rich proteomic datasets for analysis. Examples of algorithms or ‘Distiller’ programmes include:

  • Biomarker Distiller: used for patient stratification in clinical trials identifying responder vs. non-responder or aggressive vs. indolent disease etc. (TB Diagnostic Case Study)
  • Pathways Distiller: maps biological pathway interactions identifying the underlying systems biology for putative drug target identification, planning of co-therapy approaches (Prostate Assay Case Study)
  • Risk Distiller: predicts disease survival rates thus guiding therapy decisions and treatment regimens. Also delivers a ‘Time-to-Event’ prognostic of an individual’s risk of disease presentation (‘Time-to-Event’ Prognostic Case Study)
  • Therapy Distiller: a tool for aiding personalised medicine research. Identifies drugs that work in mutant gene settings, compensatory pathways and co-therapy approaches (KRAS Interaction Scanning Case Study)

For further information please contact Tissue Solutions or CompanDx directly (quoting TIS-09).

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