Tissue Solutions CSO Morag McFarlane to Speak at Biobanking Global Congress 2013 Europe

5th September 2013
Morag McFarlane

Morag McFarlane, CSO at Tissue Solutions, is set to deliver a talk on Virtual Biobanks at the Biobanking Global Congress 2013 Europe.

Her talk will take you through the pros and cons of working with a virtual biobank, and demonstrate how a virtual biobank can adapt to the changing tissue requirements driven by commercial research needs.

Morag, picture, will explain how sample collection on an ‘on-demand’ basis is designed to provide clients with highly annotated samples of the very highest quality.

Visitors to the congress can meet with our tissue specialists to get information on the wide range of materials we can supply and find out about our large international network of partners and collection sites, including hospitals, tissue banks, charity-based bio banks and organ retrieval centres.

Tissue Solutions facilitates customised sample collections to individual client requirements suitable for scientific application, including some of the most cutting edge research projects.


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