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Tissue Solutions Welcomes New Members to Research Committee on Psoriasis Tissue Project

Tissue Solutions are pleased to announce the addition of new members to the Tissue Solutions Research Governance Committee.

The new members are as follows:

  • Tim Anderson, Tim Anderson Group
  • Jan Clark, PAL Technologies
  • Elizabeth Kelso, retired scientist
  • Hugh Ilyine, DestiNA Genomics Ltd
  • Dr Derek McFerran, PeproTech
  • Dr John McLean, University of the West of Scotland.
  • Dr Paul Micallef
  • Dr Colin Robertson formerly of Nexxus,
  • Dr Lorcan Sherry, OracleBio Limited
  • Dr John Waller, OracleBio Limited

The committee review applications for the release of samples from our Psoriasis Project and help us to ensure better access to human tissues for scientific research. To ensure impartiality, members are not remunerated for their time instead we donate £100 for every application processed.

The new members join our existing committee Patricia Barclay (Bonaccord), David Fairley (Histologix Ltd), Dr Kerry Kilborn (Glasgow University), Dr Gillian Mackay (Beatson Institute) and Dr Susan Richman (University of Leeds and Yorkshire Cancer Research)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our members for their help and support.

Tissue Solutions Psoriasis Samples

We can provide biopsies from lesions and normal skin from the same donor in either fresh or frozen formats. All samples are fully anonymised and only donor data pertinent to the disease will accompany the samples such as age, gender, smoking, drinking and recreational drug habits, relatives with psoriasis, date of on-set, history of disease, severity of the disease, sampling site of each biopsy, history of treatment, other auto-immune disease, other co-morbidities such as diabetes, depression, etc.

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