New Service from Tissue Solutions Informs Researchers of Fresh Human Sample Availability

27th November 2011

Tissue Solutions is pleased to announce a new email-based service designed to notify researchers of the availability of fresh human samples.

At present two mailers have been developed; one for hepatocytes and one for fresh human skin tissue. Clients who sign up to the service receive an email when Tissue Solutions staff get a notification from a clinical partner that cells or tissue are due to be collected and can then reserve samples on a first-come, first-served basis.

The hepatocytes alert notifies researchers of the availability of fresh primary human hepatocytes. The fresh hepatocytes are available in suspension or plated format and can be shipped in short-term culture medium (viable for five to six days) or in long-term maintenance medium (viable for three weeks). Through this service we can offer fresh hepatocytes throughout Europe and east coast US.

The skin alert is for fresh healthy human skin that is collected during cosmetic procedures and would otherwise just be discarded. Surgical excess tissue such as this can be difficult to obtain but is invaluable for use in drug discovery and development applications, including drug permeation studies, skin irritation, toxicology models and for the isolation of primary and stem cells. Samples include sheets of abdominal skin (full thickness and dermatomed), as well as breast, foreskin, scalp, and occasionally samples from arm, eyelid and back. The tissue is shipped in the researcher’s medium of choice along with detailed clinical donor information.

In fast tracking these samples to researchers we can ensure that none of these valuable cells or tissues go to waste and that fresh samples are sent directly to the laboratories as quickly as possible and are therefore of the very highest quality.

For further information please contact the team at Tissue Solutions.

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