Qlucore is a leader in the development of bioinformatics software. Qlucore Omics Explorer is a next-generation data analysis software. It works for many different types of data, such as gene expression, DNA methylation and protein array data.

The data analysis software will support the unveiling of important new discoveries as it will allow the actual researchers – the people with the most biological insight – to study important data and to look for patterns and structures, without needing to be a statistics or computer expert. The data analysis software is very easy to use, and the user is always provided with instant feedback.

Next-generation data analysis software

Qlucore Omics Explorer is a next-generation data analysis software. It enables researchers to analyse and explore extremely large data sets (containing up to more than 100 million data samples) on a regular PC or Mac. The data analysis software takes full advantage of all annotations and other links that are connected with the data being studied, as well as a number of powerful statistical functions such as false discovery rates (FDR), f-tests, Anova and p-values.

All results are instantly visualised in any of the many plot types. Plot types such as heatmap and principal component analysis (PCA) are supported. The user can work with any number of synchronised plot types in order to analyse the data from several angles at the same time.

Gene expression analysis software

Although Qlucore Omics Explorer was initially used for gene expression analysis, the data analysis software enables the easy import of many types of data. The software is Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible. Expression values can be combined with annotations.

Qlucore Omics Explorer provides a wide range of methods to analyse gene expression data efficiently. Examples of functionality are variance filtering and Anova with instant visual feedback of the results, as well as heatmap (with hierarchical clustering), sample PCA, variable PCA, and scatter plots to support instant visual data investigation.

Protein analysis software

Qlucore Omics Explorer is also used for various types of protein array, antibody arrays and proteomics data. A wide range of tools for statistical analysis is available. Examples include t-tests and f-tests based on Anova. The statistical model works with eliminated factors and the user can compensate for unwanted disturbances with just a few mouse clicks.

Instant analysis of data

Qlucore Omics Explorer provides immediate response to all user action and allows instant analysis of data. The user can work with data sets with up to 1,000 samples and 100,000 variables (or opposite) on a regular PC or Mac and is still provided with instant response to all actions.

Analysis software for biologists

Qlucore Omics Explorer is the preferred analysis software for the biologist or scientist with a biological or medical background. Biologists will find the product very easy to use and will appreciate the ability to analyse data directly. In addition, the Qlucore software will allow them to combine their own biological knowledge with experiment data in order to test a variety of different ideas and communicate results easily.

Bioinformatics software

With its rich functionality and flexibility Qlucore Omics Explorer is also a valuable data software tool for bioinformatics. By using a powerful statistical model, Qlucore Omics Explorer gives bioinformaticians an instant feeling for the data they are studying. Qlucore Omics Explorer also includes a unique export function where the user can export the exact state of the analysis. This allows for easy communication of results to key research partners, such as biologists and other team members, in a very efficient way.