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Gamlen R series Featured in International Journal of Pharmaceutics Paper

‘Characterisation of Tableting Properties Measured with a Multi-functional Compaction Instrument for Several Pharmaceutical Excipients and Actual Tablet Formulations’ is the latest paper to be published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics detailing research undertaken using a Gamlen instrument (IJP 510(2016) 195-202).

The paper was authored by tableting researcher Takashi Osamura alongside Yoshiko Takeuchi, Risako Onodera, Kohei Tahara, and Hirofumi Takeuchi, Gifu Pharmaceutical University. It was also made in conjunction with Masahiro Kitamura and Yoshiteru Takahashi of Sawai Pharmaceuticals.

The paper presents research data generated using a Gamlen R series research compaction analyser.

Inventor of the Gamlen series of powder compaction instruments Michael Gamlen said: "We are delighted to learn of this latest publication. The R series provides precise data using tiny amounts of material, enabling a quick comparison of materials and formulations.

"Professor Takashi and his research colleagues examined the tableting properties of excipients and their findings confirm that the R series instrument, formerly known as the GTP-1, can be utilised in formulation design to determine excipient type, quantity, and manufacturing conditions, and to resolve tableting problems in scale-up."

Ideal for investigating tableting problems and for teaching the principles of tableting, R series instruments are simple to use, computer controlled benchtop powder compaction analysers.

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