Intertek Group Plc is a provider of an integrated portfolio of assurance, testing, inspection, and certification (ATIC) services. The company operates its business through three segments – Products, Trade, and Resources. The Products segment consists of business lines with a focus on ensuring the quality and safety of physical components and products and minimising risk by assessing the operating processes and quality management systems of customers. It offers ATIC services covering laboratory safety, quality and performance testing, second-party supplier auditing, sustainability analysis, product assurance, vendor compliance, process performance analysis, facility plant and equipment verification, and third-party certification. The Trade segment includes three business lines – Caleb Brett, providing cargo inspection, analytical assessment, calibration and related research and technical services to petroleum and biofuels industries; government and trade services (GTS) offers inspection services to governments and regulatory bodies to promote trade activities for the flow of goods across borders; and AgriWorld, providing analytical and testing services to agricultural trading companies and growers. Intertek’s Resources segment consists of industry services and minerals business lines. The industry services business line helps clients with technical inspection, non-destructive and materials testing, and asset performance management. Intertek’s minerals business line offers inspection, analytical testing, and advisory services to mineral, exploration, ore, and mining industries.