In a landmark move underscoring its commitment to patient-centric healthcare solutions, 1MED has announced a scholarship donation to the European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI). This contribution is part of the partnership with FindMeCure and its innovative TrialHub platform. It aims to empower patients through education, making them pivotal contributors to clinical trial decision-making processes.

1MED, a leading force in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, is known for its comprehensive regulatory support, digital solutions, and full-service CRO assistance. With a team of skilled professionals, 1MED strives to streamline the product approval process, ensuring quality and conformity with regulatory standards. This donation to EUPATI aligns with 1MED’s vision of innovation, continuous improvement, and patient-centered care.

EUPATI, the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation, has been a beacon of hope for patient advocates since its inception. The EUPATI Expert Training Course, specifically designed for patient advocates, offers expert-level training in medicines research and development. This 13-month program, blending online and face-to-face modules, is crucial for educating patients and the lay public on the intricacies of medicines development.

The importance of partnerships like the one between 1MED, FindMeCure, and EUPATI cannot be overstated. By funding a full scholarship for one patient to attend the EUPATI Expert Training Course, 1MED is directly contributing to a more informed patient community. This initiative ensures that patients are not just participants but informed stakeholders in the clinical trial process, leading to more effective and patient-centric healthcare solutions.

“Empowering patients through education is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about instilling confidence, fostering understanding, and nurturing collaboration in their own healthcare journey. Our partnership with FindMeCure’s together with the EUPATI initiative aim to empower patients by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become active partners in the medical device/drug development process. Including patients in clinical trials isn’t just about their participation; it’s about recognising them as partners in research, amplifying their voices, and fostering a healthcare system where everyone has a stake and a say in shaping the future of medicine.” – Giorgia Bigioni, Head of Start-up Unit at 1med

This donation and partnership underscore the vital role of patient education and feasibility in advancing medical research and development. By supporting patient advocates with the necessary tools and knowledge, 1MED, in collaboration with FindMeCure and EUPATI, is setting a new standard for patient inclusion and engagement in the healthcare industry.