LINK Medical, a Nordic leader in pharmaceutical and medical device development services, through a partnership with FindMeCure’s TrialHub, is supporting patient education with a scholarship donation to the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI). This initiative underlines LINK Medical’s commitment to patient-centric research, complementing FindMeCure’s mission to enhance patient-centricity in clinical research with data-driven insights and patient feasibility.

The scholarship will contribute to EUPATI’s ‘Patient Expert Training Programme’, a key endeavor in empowering patients in medicine research and development. EUPATI, established in 2012, is a collaborative project uniting public and private sectors. It provides accessible, innovative educational resources to patients and their representatives, enhancing their role in the research and development of medicines.

“I am very happy with the possibility for us to contribute to the education of patients,” said Rikard Reneland, Medical Director at LINK Medical. “Clinical research is done for the patient, with the patient and to a large extent by the patient. If we forget that even for a moment, we will not be successful”.

Like LINK Medical, FindMeCure prioritises patient inclusion in clinical research planning and execution. The company aims to bring research closer to patients – a shared goal between all parties resulting in a partnership focused on patient awareness. 

“We are excited to partner with a company as dedicated to patient centricity as LINK Medical,” said Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub. “United in our mission, we are focused on planning clinical trials with streamlined efficiency and the patient perspective at the core.”

This partnership, together with the EUPATI initiative, aims to bolster patient education and engagement, furthering the development of innovative treatments and contributing to the progress of the medical research industry.