Upguard Inc. offers a cyber resilience platform that helps to manage and access the business technology risk for businesses. The platform scans the network devices, Cloud providers, scans servers, documents the configuration state and analyzes the difference between custom policy violations and machines over time. It offers file integrity monitoring (FIM) and total integrity monitoring (TIM) to detect the changes and track the issue and follows industry standard policies. The company provides Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report (CSTAR) score for cyber resilience business-wide and supports automatic run book generations. It provides business solutions such as configuration drift, baseline discovery, change detection, compliance and security. The platform supports Linux, Unix and mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Cloud services, databases, and network devices. It generates revenue through the fees it charges based on the size of the business and the deployment of nodes. The company has partnerships with vendors, insurance partners, technology partners and channel partners. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, the US.