Cassie, the consent management platform serving Fortune 500 companies globally, has added new Progressive Profiling and Identity Service features to its Cookie Solution product. The features introduce capabilities that empower marketers to create bespoke, personalised customer experiences built upon anonymous, reliable first-party data, making Cassie’s Cookie Solution a more advanced alternative to traditional cookie banners.

The Cookie Solution product is a first-to-market solution to the pain points faced by today’s marketers, who face challenges in reaching customers online due to a confluence of factors, including an uptick in privacy browser use, online privacy legislation, and the depreciation of cookie tracking. This has serious impacts on how marketers effectively deliver personalised experiences to their customers – Cassie’s new Privacy Pain Points Report, which surveyed more than six-hundred marketing professionals, found that half of marketers say that they don’t have the technical or legal resources needed to do their jobs effectively while maintaining marketing compliance.

Cassie’s Privacy Pain Points report also found that:

  • 69% of marketers feel concerned about the potential impact of privacy legislation on their ability to do their jobs effectively; three in four are concerned about incurring fines if they violate relevant laws concerning third-party cookies.
  • Four in five marketers are worried about their ability to target ads effectively without third-party data.
  • Seven in ten marketing professionals say intelligent tracking prevention has inhibited their ability to deliver personalised brand experiences.

Cassie’s Progressive Profiling and Identity Service features enhance Cassie’s Cookie Solution, a first-of-its-kind marketing compliance tool that was built to solve these problems.

“There has never been a better time to invest in first-party data collection,” said Cassie founder and board chair Nicky Watson. “Cookie depreciation is on the horizon, and brands that invest proactively in first-party data collection will be prepared for this new reality. With Cassie’s new Progressive Profiling and Identity Service features, marketing leaders can trust that their data is accurate, compliant, and capable of being leveraged to deliver personalised experiences to their customers, and customers can trust that their privacy is being protected online.”

Cassie’s Identity Service and Progressive Profiling tools are anonymous solutions that enable marketers to overcome privacy challenges to gather and retain as much user data as possible. Identity Service, which was built as a solution to the challenges presented by Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), is able to accurately identify up to 35% more web traffic. Progressive Profiling builds trust with customers by creating opportunities for them to voluntarily share and update preference data with the brands they love, giving marketers rich first-party data about website visitors before they convert to customers. Both features deliver insights to make data-driven decisions, from informing where online digital spend should focus and shaping future product development to prioritising content strategies that increase engagement. The result is highly personalised experiences that drive unparalleled customer engagement.

“With Cassie, brands can build trust with their customers by respecting their privacy online and without sacrificing their ability to deliver personalised experiences,” said Glenn Jackson, CEO of Cassie. “Cassie’s product and features are resilient to the changes impacting marketing and advertising technology, so leaders can be confident they’re investing in a long-term solution to marketing compliance.”