5thPort™, a leading provider of digital patient engagement and e-consent solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Rocky Mountain Clinical Research (RMCR), a premier clinical research institution based in Idaho.

The partnership between 5thPort and RMCR signifies a shared commitment to advancing clinical research and patient care. By leveraging 5thPort’s innovative solution, RMCR aims to streamline its clinical trial processes, enhance patient engagement, and improve healthcare outcomes for its diverse patient population.

In its quest to enhance clinical trial efficiency and accessibility, RMCR embarked on a digital transformation journey, transitioning all workflows to electronic/online platforms. After careful evaluation of various solutions in the market, RMCR selected 5thPort’s digital patient engagement and e-consenting platform for its advanced functionalities and easily configurable/prescriptive patient education capabilities.

Dr Mark Sulik, director of clinical research at Rocky Mountain Clinical Research, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “We chose 5thPort’s digital patient engagement and e-consenting platform over the other competing products due to its advanced functionalities, including security, adaptability, and ability to customise the experience to our study and subjects’ needs. With their excellent guidance and training, 5thPort completed the implementation in less than two months! 5thPort also uses an open API, which will allow us to further customise our offerings and reduce our work.”

Suresh Kumar, senior vice-president of sales at 5thPort, added: “We are thrilled to be a pivotal component of Rocky Mountain Clinical Research’s digital transformation initiative. Our cutting-edge platform is poised to revolutionise their clinical trial processes, ensuring enhanced efficiency and patient engagement. This partnership marks the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration, and we are excited to support RMCR in their mission to deliver top-notch medical care.”

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