San Rafael, California, FEBRUARY 1, 2018 – Strategikon Pharma today announced the release of the Sponsor Edition of the Clinical Maestro platform. Clinical Maestro is a new offering that significantly increases the accuracy and efficiency of clinical trial planning, budgeting and outsourcing. Clinical Maestro capabilities include modelling of
operational and cost scenarios, forecasting, selecting and managing clinical service providers and clinical contracts.

Increased complexity and pressure for speed necessitates that clinical study teams base forward-looking decisions on data, rather than instinct. Better data requires faster analyses with greater precision. Managing complex outsourced relationships requires expanded collaboration across internal functions, trial phases and programs, and
integrating key workflows with clinical service providers. Spreadsheets, home-grown solutions and legacy planning software are inflexible and cannot keep up with business needs. Clinical trial Sponsors exert countless hours generating Requests for Proposals for clinical study services. Service Providers spend many more hours to prepare
their bids. Yet an effective technology infrastructure is missing.

The importance of these issues for clinical trial professionals will be underscored at the upcoming SCOPE Summit, where Strategikon Pharma will introduce Clinical Maestro – a next generation solution that supports these critical industry tasks.

Clinical Maestro transforms processes for long-range planning, budgeting, procurement, contracting and vendor management with an end-to-end platform specifically created to support these functions. The result is unprecedented speed, precision and visibility that increases the efficiency and lowers the cost of running clinical trials.

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