SynapCon specialises in the development of innovative software solutions for clinical trial and medical research project management.

Our corporate mission is to reduce costs and increase efficiency in all areas of clinical trial research for our customers and help bring healthcare products to the market sooner.

We provide value for our customers along their value chain by reducing the time and cost needed for initial site selection and feasibility. After site selection, we help to optimise efficiency with cost-efficient software solutions for clinical trials.

Our customers include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), contract research organisations (CROs), sponsors, and medical device and biotech companies. Our product line EasyClin© offers a variety of software modules for any clinical trial while our AI-driven product line CLiNSTORM© makes the most current information available for your daily work.

Software solutions for the clinical trial value chain

EasyClin Feasibility is a global network of sponsors, research sites and investigators with experience in clinical trials. We help CROs, sponsors, and any organisation performing a clinical trial to search, find and recruit suitable study sites and investigators in our network.

Time is crucial in any clinical trial. Help your organisation quit spending time on endless phone calls and chasing unanswered e-mails, for site feasibility and investigator recruitment. Find and assemble your team and start your clinical trial faster than ever with EasyClin Feasibility.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 691546.

Trial master files for clinical trials

The trial master file is an essential component in any clinical trial. Collect all your documentation, files and reporting in one space, fast and easy to use. Our Electronic Trial Master File, EasyTMF© was designed by a professional team of clinical trial experts with decades of experience in the clinical research business.

Our eTMF and electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) offer seamless integration into your daily work and raise efficiency to higher levels than ever before.

Real-time browser-based video conference solutions

Our EasyVideo is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant peer-to-peer video conferencing tool.

It is a safe and multi-language tool supporting communication between investigators and study subjects, as well as clinical monitors and investigators.

The secure and easy-to-use platform offers advantages for daily interviews and reviews by clinical research professionals. With no need for software installation, all communication takes place in a safe and encrypted video conference via a browser.

Peer-to-peer connections make sure that the flow of information and data takes place directly between the patient and the research facility. Patients appreciate the convenience of video conferencing. As a result, patient dropout rates reduce considerably.

Further advantages include the loss and reduction of travel time and costs, with the risk of infection for patients and investigators erased and carbon emissions reduced.

Consultancy solutions

Our agile consultancy scheme following our FIDAS strategy approach (Focused | Integrated | Digitised | Automised | Specialised) supports you in integrating highly sophisticated technologies into your daily workflow smoothly and without distortions within your organisation.

Our decades of expertise in the operative application of clinical studies allows us to offer technical components, as well as optimum and revision-proof product implementation, including support with documentation and system validation for white label solutions.