PBSC has been providing quality components globally for over 25 years. Our product range includes material hydrogen peroxide decontamination airlocks, clean room stainless steel, glass and phenolic resin doors, emergency escape, breakout, vision and viewing panels, transfer and trolley hatches, pass-through chambers, pass boxes and air, fogging and decontamination showers. Our products are used in pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, chemical and biotechnology organisations, and high-containment BSL3 and BSL4 facilities.

PBSC provides installation, servicing, technical advice, product selection and demonstrations. We offer comprehensive exporting and logistical options for international orders.

Material decontamination chamber – large walk-in unit

PBSC produces large fumigation chambers providing high-level 6-log decontamination of materials using hydrogen peroxide vapour from a Bioquell generator. The chamber software is integrated with the generator software to provide efficient usage and cycle performance.

The chamber doesn’t require a full pit and is fixed to the existing or formed building floor. It can also be transported through a single door way for assembly onsite. The chamber requires two slots cut 50mm deep from the FFL, but other options can be accommodated if this is not possible.

Material decontamination pass through – hatch with optional cart transfer system

Material fumigation hatches are designed for smaller loads that require validated high-level disinfection before being passed across the containment boundary. The hatches share the same integrated software as the larger fumigation chamber.

The hatches come with a cart system option that allows goods to be transferred quickly and safely through the hatch. All the HPV chambers are provided with commissioning, IQ-OQ, operator training, gas cycle development and after-sales service at 6 monthly or 12 monthly intervals. PQ is available if required.

Clean room and laboratory doors

The purpose-built door and frame system incorporates many features to ensure suitability for clean room and contamination-control environments. The range of door sets are manufactured to suit customers’ size requirements. PBSC has a selection of specialist application doors made from stainless steel, glass, phenolic resin and powder-coated steel.

Inflatable seal door set

PBSC is a leading international supplier of APR doors, and works with Presray in North America. PBSC’s high-performance air-tight doors meet the most stringent decay requirements.

Inflatable seal APR doors are available in 316 or 304 quality polished stainless steel, and feature cast stainless steel hinges and a coved smooth-seal door frame. The standard door frame’s threshold is flush to the floor, and is rebated into the floor slab.

Mechanical seal door set

PBSC offers a high-performance mechanical seal APR door. This is machined from a single sheet of HPL, eliminating the possibility of contamination within the door leaf.

The standard mechanical-seal APR door may be upgraded to include an inflatable seal. This enables pressure monitoring in the inter seal gap – ensuring rapid alarm response in the event of either seal suffering accidental damage.

Emergency escape and break-out panels

The emergency escape panel provides a quick and simple escape route for personnel and is commonly used as a window. Units are sealed with a removable sealing strip and offer a flush, easy-clean surface.

The break-out panel can be installed on a wall by itself or onto the back of a fire door if the wall requires fire rating.

Clean room vision panels, glazing screens and windows

PBSC’s vision panel provides the clean area with a fixing-free, flush, double-glazed unit made from polished stainless steel. The vision panels are made to suit specific wall depths and can be fitted with an integral Venetian or blackout blind.

PBSC transfer hatch and trolley hatch

Transfer and trolley hatches are available in stainless steel or phenolic resin. The hatches use PBSC’s mechanical interlock, but electronic versions are available to provide air purge timers and UV light cycles.

Pass-through chambers are supplied with toughened plate glass doors and a mechanical interlock system to aid users in the reduction of cross-contamination and pressure loss, whilst passing items between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ areas.

Air shower for decontamination

Our air shower range includes options with an integrated AHU or a separate AHU with safe-change housings for the filters.

The showers are available in a range of sizes and can be supplied in polyester powder coat finish or polished stainless steel. The nozzles provide an adjustable jet of air at 25m/s to 35m/s. Options include automated doors, air knife and de-ionizing bars.

Fogging and mist shower

The fog shower is used for encapsulation or removal of powder from the operative’s suit, and is available with a number of options, including right angle design, de-gowning room, air shower cycle, deluge head and air breathing connections.