AntalGenics Awarded Innovative SME Recognition

AntalGenics has been recognised as Innovative SME for its research in drug development and cosmetics.

The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has awarded AntalGenics the Innovative Small Medium Enterprise (SME) award, recognising the innovation of AntalGenics in its pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical product development.

In addition, the customised research and development (R&D) services that AntalGenics provides to third parties has a quality standard that improves the efficiency of its quality management system with the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015.

Product Development

AntalGenics has two main lines of research. The pharmaceutical line is dedicated to the discovery and development of two molecules against chronic pain, one for the treatment of osteoarthritic pain and the other molecule to tackle chronic inflammatory skin conditions.

The cosmeceutical line of research is dedicated to developing two active ingredients to manage scalp sensitive skin and skin tendency towards atopy.

The aim of the research done by AntalGenics is to develop bioactive molecules for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. These two lines of research are completed with the customised R&D services that AntalGenics provides to cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. All activities from the company have been awarded for its innovation and quality.