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Temperature Maintenance & Monitoring


Founded in 1987, our scientists developed the first miniaturized technology to monitor temperature exposure of vials containing the oral polio vaccine. This device continues to be the only technology that meets the strict specifications of the world’s leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization, for distributing vaccines to developing countries.

For 30 years, our devices have helped healthcare professionals confidently immunize millions of children around the world and extend care to regions previously thought to be unreachable. Almost seven-billion of our time-temperature indicators have been used in 150 countries.

Today, pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies, specialty pharmacies, and hospitals are using our chemical and electronic devices to help improve storing and handling of thousands of medical products that improve and save lives. It is our mission to monitor these products with 100 percent accuracy to ensure they have not been exposed to temperature events that could damage their effectiveness.

We are honored to serve the world’s leading health organizations and contribute to improving the health of millions of people. We are dedicated to continually developing new technologies that will meaningfully improve global health for years to come.

Market Leadership and Innovation
When TransTracker® from Temptime was introduced into the specialty pharmacy market, it redefined how a reliable, low cost, temperature monitoring device could improve patient satisfaction and enhance temperature assurance of critical specialty medications during shipment. Temptime continues to leverage our unique understanding of the specialty pharmacy market to innovate and expand our temperature monitoring portfolio of devices. We are pleased to introduce our newly launched EDGE™ wireless, connected, sensors that can be used in shipments or to monitor warehouses, refrigerators, or freezers.

TransTracker Heat and Freeze Indicators for Shipments
TransTracker single-use, irreversible visual indicators monitor the temperature inside small and large parcels of temperature-sensitive medicine during shipping in a cost effective and reliable way.

  1. TransTracker F: visually shows when a specified maximum peak heat temperature has been exceeded for a short duration of time.
  2. TransTracker C: visually shows when a specified minimum low-temperature excursion has been exceeded for a short duration of time.
  3. TransTracker D: immediately shows when a specified maximum peak heat temperature has been exceeded.
  4. Both peak heat and low temperature indicators can be combined on a single TransTracker card to bracket upper and lower limit temperature excursions.

EDGE™ – Wireless, portable sensors for monitoring and controlling cold chain performance
The EDGE family of sensors provides wireless temperature tracking, mobile connectivity and data-sharing for cold chain performance monitoring and control. All EDGE devices offer:

  • Bluetooth® enabled technology for robust wireless connectivity
  • Temperature data retrieval through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold equipment, and environmentally controlled rooms
  • Smartphone or mobile device setup, monitoring and tracking with EDGEVueTM App
  • Cloud data-sharing and storage with EDGEVue App and EDGECloudTM services
  • Line-of-sight sensing range of 50 meters (164 feet)
  • Data logging functions for number of alarms, alarm limits, measurement intervals and starting options (immediate or delayed)

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