Enantia is a company devoted to chemical research and process development, custom synthesis and crystal engineering, with a strong focus on asymmetric chemistry and co-crystallisation technologies.

Our mission is to provide fully integrated chemistry services for the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. We can contribute all the way from initial research in medicinal chemistry or route scouting to any phase of the chemical process R&D. We like to be seen not only as a mere service provider, but as a committed team to pursue the success of our clients’ projects.

We can handle almost any kind of chemical project related to organic chemistry, both from a technical and project management point of view. Our chemistry expertise has an industry-leading reputation. The most challenging projects are our day-to-day routine.

API process development

Enantia’s staff has extensive experience in chemical research and process development and has created a number of chemical processes running today at industrial scale. Clients seeking to improve troublesome steps in a process, or to redesign an entire chemical route for one of their potential APIs or key intermediates, will value the team at Enantia. Our goal is to develop for our clients scalable chemical processes that are safe, environmentally sound, robust and cost-effective. We can contribute to:

  • Ensure a sustainable process for long-term, large-scale production
  • Optimise reaction parameters (reagent stoichiometry, temperatures and concentrations)
  • Maximise catalyst recycling
  • Combine steps to ‘telescope’ and simplify the process
  • Optimise purification by identifying key solid intermediates
  • Optimise recrystallisation to ensure high product recovery and consistent specifications
  • Perfect analytical support for reaction control and product specification
  • Identification and synthesis of impurities
  • Validation of process parameter ranges

Custom synthesis

We are able to rapidly satisfy custom synthesis requests from mg up to kilo-lab scale in-house, such as the synthesis of:

  • APIs and intermediates
  • Lead compounds for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry projects
  • Samples and reference compounds
  • Metabolites
  • Repeat samples
  • Reagents, scaffolds and building blocks

If you need to produce kilograms or tons of an API or intermediate Enantia can help you, taking care of the production through a network of validated manufacturing partners, both cGMP and non-cGMP.

Crystal engineering and co-crystals

Co-crystal solid forms are gaining increased significance in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as an efficient way to modify the physicochemical properties of organic molecules like APIs, intermediates and other synthetic products.

The big advantage of co-crystals compared with salts is that co-crystallisation is also applicable to non-ionisable molecules where salt formation is not possible.

Benefits of co-crystallisation

Co-crystals offer great potential in various fields:

  • Chiral resolution: whether a molecule is ionisable or not, selective diastereomeric co-crystallisation can be attainable using an enantiomerically pure coformer
  • Separation and purification: co-crystals can be a good option, especially with non-ionisable products, to purify some intermediates, consequently avoiding expensive chromatographic techniques
  • Crystallisation of non-solid products: liquids, pastes and oily products can become a solid form by means of co-crystallisation, leading to more robust and efficient manufacturing processes
  • Improvement of solid-state properties (of APIs and other organic substances): several important characteristics of pharmaceutical substances like solubility, bioavailability, stability, hygroscopicity, morphology, filtration and flowability can be modified by means of co-crystal formation

About Enantia

Today, with over 40 employees, Enantia has become a reference provider for life sciences companies that seek not only scientific and technical excellence but also a simple and candid way to do business.

With a flexible commercial model, we can execute projects through full time equivalent (FTE) service agreements and also through a variety of different approaches such as fee-per-success, fee-per-project or through a shared risk approach. Flexibility and adaptability to our clients’ demands is one of our key assets.

After the signature of a CDA, a free pre-assessment of the project is always carried out and we will only accept projects where we perceive a realistic probability of success.