ImmunoGenes is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of new therapeutic medications and strategies.

The company offers custom antibody services (CAS) and custom transgenic services (CTS) for pre-clinical testing in specialised animal models. It can also supply animal models for clinical trials before first-in-human (FIH) use.

ImmunoGenes owns a patented technology that provides enhanced immune response parameters of antibody production by offering highly customised antibodies that are difficult or impossible to generate using standard methods.

Highly customisable antibodies for novel therapeutics

ImmunoGenes’ patented technology is designed to overexpress the neonatal fragment crystallisable receptor (FcRn), which increases the humoral immune response in genetically modified mice and rabbits.

The IMG-AbSplatform technology produces highly customisable antibodies that are used as part of discovery programmes for the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics.

Custom antibody services

ImmunoGenes specialises in the generation of transgenic animals to produce polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies (mAb) for challgenging targets.

The IMG-AbSTM technology provides a large number of diverse B-cell clones and a strong immune response against weak immunogenic targets. This generates high-quality mAbs with high-affinity and diversity, compared with conventionally used animal strains.

ImmunoGenes also provides professional project design advice and supports all stages of antibody production. In addition, it has divided the development schedule into different phases and payment stages to make the process more cost-effective and flexible.

Custom transgenic services

ImmunoGenes’ CTS service creates specialised rabbit, rat and mouse animal models for pre-clinical testing. They increase predictability for outcomes in human clinical trials, meeting a rising demand following the release of the European Medicine Agency’s (EMA) new guidance for FIH trials.

Each model can be used for diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and ophthalmic indications. It offers interactive transgene design, quick turnaround times and efficient delivery worldwide.

The company has extensive experience with rabbit, rat and mouse transgenesis with small and large DNA, Sleeping Beauty Transposon systems, lentiviral transgenesis and clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) / CRISPR-associated protein-9 (Cas9) systems microinjection. It also utilises BAC, TALEN, ZFN and Plasmid methodologies.

In addition, ImmunoGenes supplies breeding and genotyping services.

About ImmunoGenes

ImmunoGenes’ innovative CAS, CTS and IMG-AbS; technologies produce custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. CTS can also be used in several different animal models, including rabbits, rats and mice by micro-injecting large genomic fragments at its state-of-the-art facility.

The company’s founder and CEO Dr. Imre Kacskovics is an expert in immunoglobulins and Fc receptors areas, while head of antibody discovery Dr. Katalin Nagy has experience in developing a great variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against challenging targets, and head of transgenic discovery Dr. Balázs Bender created a number of transgenic rabbits, rats and mice using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC), sleeping beauty transposons and CRISPR / Cas9 technologies.

ImmunoGenes’ team comprises experts in the transgenesis field, which collaborate with key partners such as The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, INRA FRANCE, LFB-Group and PolyGene.