The main goal of Peptide Specialty Laboratories (PSL) is the production of any kind of peptides, from milligram to gram amounts and with lengths between five and 50 amino acids. We guarantee that our peptides all are HPLC-purified and analyzed by mass spectrometry.

Special peptide synthesis

PSL is also engaged in the synthesis of special peptides with rare amino acids, unnatural amino acids, peptides with fluorescent moieties and biotinylated peptides.

Peptide synthesizers, continuous flow synthesizers and microwave peptide synthesizers

Our production facility has several peptide synthesizers that are able to synthesize up to 48 peptides in parallel, several continuous flow synthesizers that allow synthesis of long peptides with lengths up to 50 amino acids and more in very good quality, and a microwave peptide synthesizer for fast and larger-scale synthesis of peptides up to gram amounts.

Bioconjugate production

We produce bioconjugates between peptides and proteins or column matrices, usually using bifunctional ligands or other chemically activated intermediates. As part of our conjugation services we offer the coupling of peptides with keyhole limpet hämocyanine (KLH), bovine serum albumine (BSA) and ovalbumine (OVA).

Peptide-specific antisera and phospho-specific antibodies

We are a main contributor of peptide-specific antibodies for scientific and industrial research. Our antibodies are normally produced in guinea pigs or rabbits but immunisations of other animal species are also available. We use only high-quality products (purified peptides, maleimide activated KLH and OVA) for the preparation of our antisera and, because of this, we have a high success rate in the generation of highly specific antisera. We are also specialized in the production of phospho-specific antibodies.

Peptide sets for screening epitopes, proteases, kinases, antibodies and pharmacologically active peptides

Peptide sets are valuable tools for the screening of epitopes, proteases, kinases, antibodies and pharmacologically active peptides. The use of peptide sets is usually cost and time-saving with respect to the use of recombinant proteins. We offer peptide sets of different lengths, with different quality controls, and of multiples from 12 to 96 peptides per set.

Expertise in peptide synthesis and antibody preparation

PSL was founded in September 2000. The company is located within the Technology Park in Heidelberg, Germany. PSL is a spin-off of a laboratory of the German cancer research centre in Heidelberg, where the co-founder and manager of the company, Dr HR Rackwitz, gained a wealth of experience in peptide synthesis and antibody preparation.

Our main customers are found within the industry and research community of Germany and the European community but we also serve customers around the world.