Xbrane Bioscience develops novel technologies for the efficient and cost-effective production of proteins in E. coli. We have two novel protein expression systems that maximise your protein yields and enable the production of otherwise host-toxic proteins such as membrane proteins.

Novel protein expression systems

Bacterial protein expression systems are attractive because they are inexpensive and offer rapid biomass accumulation and well-characterised host-genetics. However, finding the optimal conditions to produce a protein is often laborious and time-consuming, and research scientists and production technologists are often limited in their choice of bacterial expression systems for the production of host-toxic proteins.

To facilitate this process, Xbrane Bioscience has developed two novel protein expression systems: Xbrane’s Lemo System® and Xbrane’s Rhamex System™.

E. coli protein expression system

Xbrane’s Lemo System, an engineered E. coli BL21(DE3) strain, is tunable for protein expression and conveniently allows for optimising expression of any given protein using only a single strain rather than trying a multitude of strains. The ability to precisely control protein expression levels makes Xbrane’s Lemo System suitable for membrane protein expression and the expression of otherwise ‘difficult-to-express’ proteins that result in high yields of functional protein.

Xbrane’s Lemo System is the E. coli protein expression system that enables the optimised expression of any protein, including membrane proteins.
Xbrane’s Lemo System outperforms other systems in protein expression (Xbrane’s Lemo System is the orange bar).
Xbrane’s protein expression systems enable high yield expression of otherwise host-toxic proteins like membrane proteins.
Bacterial protein expression systems are attractive because they are inexpensive and offer rapid biomass accumulation.
Xbrane’s Rhamex System has the ability to express larger amounts of host-toxic and properly folded (active) proteins.

The protein expression system is compatible with all your pET vectors and any other T7-based expression vectors. The versatility and simplicity of our ‘all-in-one’ solution for protein expression in E. coli guarantee an optimal expression yield in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

Rhamnose-inducible E. coli protein expression system

Xbrane’s Rhamex System, a rhamnose-inducible E. coli protein expression system, has a unique ‘rheostat’ mechanism of induction that allows for the slower and more uniform production of proteins compared with the all-or-nothing induction mechanisms characteristic of other systems. Hence, this protein expression system is tightly regulated at the individual cell level and, at the same time, capable of producing as much protein as the T7 system. More than any other system, Xbrane’s Rhamex System has the ability to express larger amounts of host-toxic and properly folded (active) proteins.

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Technologies for effective E. coli protein production

Xbrane Bioscience has a unique portfolio of technologies for a more efficient and cost-effective production of proteins currently under development.

We have developed a universal peptide tag that predestines any protein expressed in E. coli for deposition in inclusion bodies. This enables the production of otherwise toxic or unstable proteins, and at the same time simplifies the purification process dramatically.

Bacterial protein secretion system

We are also developing a bacterial protein secretion system that enables the specific secretion of expressed proteins into the extracellular medium. Secretion systems based on yeast and mammalian production platforms offer moderate expression levels but are rather popular due to increased simplicity of purification of the secreted protein.

Xbrane’s secretion system will be the first successful secretion system for E. coli-based protein production thus combining all benefits of high level and cost-effective bacterial protein expression with the ease of protein recovery from the spent culture medium.

Expression platform for multivalent live vaccines

Furthermore, Xbrane Bioscience is developing a versatile platform to create multivalent live vaccines that are compatible with oral or intranasal administration. The platform is based on display of antigens on the cell surface of bacteria.

We are seeking collaborators for further development of our new technologies.