Application: Operating Reactor Systems for Process Research and Development

In this case study, three reactor systems (FlexyCUBE 70ml, FlexyPAT 2l, and ChemTeacktor 25l) are operated on the same PC using application software FlexySys. This provides many benefits including: 1. Minimum training and maximum acceptance 2. Increased safety and maximum operating comfort 3. Efficient space utilisation and high throughput of the individual processing steps The FlexyCUBE parallel synthesis workstation units, which each have different reactor sizes from 70ml to 400ml, are used as multifunctional instruments for process research and for process development. Because of the operation and robustness of the components, the units are already used at a very early stage at the development cycle. Important insights can be gained from small tests for the next scale-up step. To find out more application case studies, including scale-up by a factor of 20 and the introduction of the Kilo-Lab automated chemreactor download this free whitepaper.

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