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Winner of multiple Category Awards, including Business Expansion, Innovation, Marketing, and Product Launches in the 2023 Clinical Trials Arena Excellence Awards, Viedoc offers a wide range of innovative features that have been carefully designed to streamline electronic data capture (EDC) and enhance collaboration.

Since its start in 2003, Viedoc has powered studies by major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies involving over 1 million patients in more than 75 countries. Today, the company has offices and teams in North America, China, France, Japan, Vietnam, as well as its headquarters in Sweden.

Stunning data visuals in Viedoc Reports

Viedoc has been recognised for its impressive Business Expansion. The company achieved sales growth of 81% during the research period, an equivalent of 50% YoY. Through its commitment to innovation and a customer-first approach, Viedoc has won acclaim from industry peers and clients. Moreover, Viedoc has amplified its global footprint, placing a particular emphasis on the US market, while also showcasing its brand at international trade-shows, industry roundtables, and leading global events. In June 2023, Viedoc was placed at the top of the EDC segment by peer-to-peer review site G2, receiving special recognition for its unrivalled customer focus, underscored by its net customer retention rate, which surged to 125%.

At the heart of Viedoc’s offering is Innovation. Providing researchers with a wide range of features that streamline data capture and enhance collaboration, Viedoc is establishing new industry standards with user-friendly interfaces and visually appealing reports for clinical trial professionals.

Viedoc at DMB conference in Paris, France

Another area of excellence at Viedoc is its Product Launches. Its comprehensive user-interface-optimization project has reimagined how researchers interact with trial data, covering each product in its eClinical suite. It offers stylish visualizations and reports, modern drag-and-drop study design, and a newly refined eCOA/ePRO features that transform how patients interact with trial data.

Additionally, Viedoc has created a wide range of features supporting decentralised clinical trials, including seamlessly integrated video calls that strengthen virtual collaboration between patients and researchers.

Engaging data collection with Viedoc Me (eCOA/ePRO)

Lastly, Viedoc has been singled out for its impressive Marketing initiatives. Viedoc’s growth has come not only from the quality of its platform, but also its focus on promoting its eClinical suite through creative campaigns. The company has enacted several exciting marketing approaches in recent years including the launch of a new brand identity and creative content strategy. Other activities include new ways to engage web visitors through case studies, human interest stories, staff portraits, mini-docs, and masterclasses.

These remarkable achievements and recognition at the 2023 Clinical Trials Arena Excellence Awards underscore Viedoc’s pivotal role in reshaping the future of clinical trials and research. Viedoc now has over 140,000 users and its software has been used in 5,000 trials across more than 30,000 sites. Viedoc has not only transformed the way data is captured and analysed but has also forged stronger bonds between researchers and patients through innovative technologies.

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