Open to any company or organisation that has conceived a new product, packaging solution, process or technology that yielded significant results. This can include adapting or integrating an already existing solution

Supporting information: Please provide a brief description (up 500 words in total) identifying:

  • Rationale: What was the rationale behind the project? Was there a specific problem that required this innovation?
  • Innovativeness: Is the innovation an improvement on existing technology and how much of an improvement. What are the unique aspects of this improvement?
  • Idea Development: How was the idea developed from concept through design and implementation?
  • What is the wow factor? We are looking for ideas that leapfrog technology and provide simple and elegant solutions to long standing technical or practical problems.
  • Outcomes: How effective is the innovation, and what are its benefits? How has it impacted on operational excellence?
  • Does this achieve any commercial benefit? Where does your innovation fit into the current market?
  • Societal Impact: Is there any potential impact of the innovation beyond the facility?