Abbott has entered a collaboration with nonprofit organisation Women as One to initiate a programme intended to train more underrepresented and female physicians to carry out clinical trial research.

This programme will also aid them in recruiting trial subjects from populations that are underrepresented historically to improve diversity.

Abbott extended funding for developing the new programme named CLIMB Research, which offers skills training for underrepresented cardiologists.

The latest programme builds upon the company’s diversity in clinical trials initiative, which was launched last year for advancing the development of a more inclusive trial ecosystem in the US.

According to the research, there exists a systemic underrepresentation of women and under-resourced people such as Hispanic and Black study subjects in trials.

By offering training to physicians, Abbott along with Women as One is bridging the gaps and helping in overcoming the current hurdles to participation in trials such as lack of trust, understanding, access and a common language.

The six-month sessions will comprise a combination of instruction, case reviews and group discussions.

Participants in the new CLIMB Research skills training programme will gain access to a worldwide connection among underrepresented physicians and in-depth knowledge from experts.

Furthermore, the programme will offer skills training for physicians who intend to pursue clinical research and improved skills training for those who have some expertise in clinical research.

This session is open to people from underrepresented groups.

Abbott Medical Devices executive vice-president Lisa Earnhardt said: “Today, women and populations from under-resourced communities are vastly underrepresented in clinical trials.

“Through our new partnership with the Women as One CLIMB Research skills training programme, we are actively changing the trajectory of how underrepresented physicians address clinical trial care for underrepresented groups.”