Accelerated Cure Project (ACP) for multiple sclerosis (MS) is set to partner with Quest Diagnostics and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to commence a study to assess the immune response of MS patients to Covid-19 vaccinations.

Named COVER-MS Sub-Study, the trial is carried out under the iConquerMS People-Powered Research Network initiative of ACP.

The study will collect real-world data on the impact of Covid-19 vaccination on MS patients through subject-reported surveys.

The impact of the number and timing of the vaccine doses on antibody levels and duration in MS patients is the goal of the study.

This project will have 300 sub-study subjects from 1600 COVER-MS project volunteers.

For the study, Quest will offer various services including SARS-CoV-2 serological IgG antibody and T-Cell testing for assessing Covid-19 immune response in the subjects.

The study will also have a decentralised clinical trial model through which over 2,100 patient service centres from the national network of Quest will allow subjects to give blood samples periodically.

This partnership will offer proof-of-concept for a convenient and economical decentralised biological study model for subjects and researchers.

The model can be used for upcoming real-world research studies which intend to enrol diverse participants geographically, clinically, and demographically.

National MS Society Research executive vice-president Bruce Bebo said: “Understanding the immune response to the Covid-19 vaccine doses in a longer-term study in people with MS will provide tremendous insights into not only optimal vaccine dosing for this population, but it will shed light on how vaccines may affect people with immune disorders or who are taking immunomodulatory therapies.”