US-based Advarra has launched Insights Accrual Prediction Platform, a new next-generation accrual prediction solution for clinical trials.

Available through the Advarra Insights business intelligence platform, the new solution uses machine learning and predictive modelling to accurately estimate protocol accrual, strengthening clinical research success.

Built using a proprietary algorithm, it is planned to be initially launched to pilot customers as part of the Insights 2021R3 product release.

It allows clinical trial administrators to run hundreds of data points to analyse past accrual rates to make decision about which studies to activate, and also helps to predict the number of participants each study is likely to enrol.

The company noted that the new platform is part of the Advarra Insights business intelligence solution which is designed to quickly provide data-based answers to complex research questions.

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Clinical Research assistant director Sarah Stewart said: “Unfortunately, resources to activate, open, and maintain clinical trials are limited and zero-accruing protocols are all too common.

“The Insights Accrual Prediction platform has the potential to be extremely valuable in preserving and redirecting precious resources towards successful trials.

“I look forward to the day when our organisation is regularly using the platform to make data-driven decisions to determine which trials to pursue, enabling us to focus on trials that will offer the most opportunity to our cancer patients.”

Advarra Insights synchronises the data by connecting to the customer’s OnCore Enterprise Research System CTMS environment to populate intuitive dashboards and reports.

This helps to identify areas required for intervention to provide a holistic showcase clinical research portfolio of organisation to internal and external leadership.