US-based data analytics company AiCure and The IMA Group have formed a partnership to optimise clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement.

This year-long collaboration aims to understand patient behaviour and drug compliance outside a clinical trial.

The IMA Group’s division IMA Clinical Research will equip patients with AiCure’s patient engagement solution ‘Patient Connect’ to study health management outside a trial. This solution is intended to help patients manage their treatment at home.

Sponsors will get access to a diverse pool of patients with known adherence patterns across therapeutic areas that could be recruited for upcoming trials.

AiCure CEO Dr Ed Ikeguchi said: “The success of a clinical trial depends on the quality of its data, which often comes down to how likely a patient is to comply with treatment protocols.

“Understanding that risk and how a patient manages their health in a non-trial setting before recruiting them can make a critical difference in a trial setting.”

Through its partnership with AiCure, the company will start patient engagement and compliance measurement to medications outside of a study setting.

The partnership will also assess compliance to treatment across various conditions, ranging from pain to cardiovascular conditions, CNS diseases, and diabetes.

During a 30-day programme, patients will use AiCure’s solution through their smartphone each time they take a dose.

The solution confirms adherent dosing behavior in a HIPAA compliant manner, using computer vision and AI.

Patient Connect can identify subtle changes in a patient’s condition by aggregating ePRO and digital biomarker data.

Patients will also be able to connect directly to a clinician for further support.

The data collected can be fed into AiCure’s predictive analytics engine, while will enable future sponsors to gain insights about dosing behaviour across various disease states.