Digital transformation solutions provider Alten Calsoft Labs has launched a new Blockchain clinical trial platform called BioPharma Ledger.

The Blockchain Platform launch will enable ALTEN to continue its development in the digital transformation to industry specific areas.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs BI and Blockchain vice-president Paul Elisii said: “The Blockchain for clinical trials is our first initiative in the broader Blockchain practice at ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

“We will make a significant impact on the clinical trial process with our scalable Blockchain platform that will ultimately address many key core processes in the Life Sciences industry.

“This will pave the way to fundamental changes in other key verticals that will demonstrate savings in costs, time and efficiency – all with the meaningful added benefits of security and trust.”

The new platform for clinical trials will leverage the STRATO middleware platform from BlockApps, which is a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

ALTEN Calsoft Labs life sciences partner Nick Spring said: “Blockchain has the power to fundamentally shift many core processes for drug research and development by increasing patient safety and privacy, improving quality of data, and significantly shortening the length of clinical trials.

“We are looking forward to working with the team at Clinlogix on this innovative approach.”

Global clinical research organisation Clinlogix will initially test and implement the new blockchain platform in real-world clinical trials.

Clinlogix founder and CEO JeanMarie Markham said: “We are a decidedly different CRO and the new blockchain technology complements our ‘Innovation Pathway’ culture for all of our people and our customers.”