Contract research organisation (CRO) Atlantic Research Group (ARG) is set to implement Greenphire’s ClinCard and ConneX solutions to enhance the clinical trial experience for patients and sites.

The company will start using Greenphire’s participant reimbursement solution ClinCard and travel solution ConneX to improve patient retention in clinical trials.

The two solutions will enable ARG to further accommodate individuals with limitations or special requirements.

ARG project manager Catherine Allen said: “Rare diseases and cancers are very challenging for families, especially when the patients are children.

“That is where Greenphire comes in, providing hassle-free and risk-free travel. This service helps all stakeholders.

“ARG identifies the right patients to participate in clinical trials, regardless of where they live, and gets them to the study centres. By reducing administrative work, Greenphire enables study staff to stay focused on patients and study visits.”

Greenphire’s ClinCard is an industry standard for automation of participant payment and facilitated nearly seven million reimbursements to over one million clinical trial participants globally.

The personalised clinical trial travel solution ConneX has been designed to meet the retention goals of clinical trials worldwide.

Greenphire CCO Wayne Baker said: “ARG is doing incredible work, connecting small pools of patients with rare diseases – sometimes as few as 50 – to the right clinical study.

“These specialised trials often involve patients travelling long distances, sometimes internationally in order to get to the investigative site.”

US-based Greenphire provides financial software for clinical trials.

ARG is a rare and neurodegenerative disease, oncology and immunology-focused CRO providing comprehensive clinical programme development services.