American Rheumatology Network (ARN) has launched ARN Clinical Research, a patient centric and real-world technology unit for transforming rheumatology trials and care.

The new unit will be dedicated to transforming drug development efforts in rheumatology research in collaboration with real-world technology solutions provider Trio Health.

ARN Clinical Research will bring together the power of the ARN network with Trio’s data management technologies to develop an integrated clinical research ecosystem.

Through this ecosystem, manufactures will be able to achieve their goals for delivering patient-centric treatment approaches that would be in line with existing unmet needs.

ARN CEO Michael Cooper said: “The launch of this dedicated unit builds on ARN’s long standing commitment and history in community rheumatology and clinical research.

“By tapping into the largest rheumatology network in the US, ARN Clinical Research has amassed a set of game-changing capabilities to support manufacturers’ drug development efforts in the fight to transform rheumatologic diseases.”

ARN Clinical Research has direct connection to the rheumatology practices integrated through its MDX Platform that gives manufactures access to more than 35 physician practices and real-time patient experiences.

Manufacturers will get a clear view for the patient symptomatic therapy to support clinical strategy and clinical trial execution for introducing new and targeted treatment options with different mechanisms of action to patients.

The centralised ARN Clinical Research unit is better equipped to deploy new clinical research models including decentralised and hybrid trials, pragmatic trials, and synthetic arms.

The services delivered by ARN Clinical Research will support the complete product lifecycle, including physician advisory boards, rapid start up for clinical trials, patient recruitment, and data management.