AstraZeneca has selected Reify Health’s patient enrolment management platform, StudyTeam, to accelerate clinical development across its portfolio of breast cancer investigational therapy.

With the StudyTeam platform, AstraZeneca will also be able to alleviate the burden on research sites and improve patient matching for clinical trial enrolment worldwide.

The company has deployed Reify Health’s platform across several large global oncology clinical trials since 2019.

AstraZeneca decided to expand usage of StudyTeam due to high site engagement, supercharged workflows, and more visibility and control.

Reify Health CEO and co-founder Ralph Passarella said: “By empowering sites with easy-to-use technology that allows sites to manage patients across all trials, our technology enables AstraZeneca to overcome the traditional challenges of moving candidates effectively through the enrolment funnel.

“And as the sponsor, AstraZeneca is gaining real-time visibility into patient enrolment to make quick, informed decisions on key issues that reduce site burden, improve candidate identification, and ultimately accelerate enrolment timelines.”

The StudyTeam platform expansion will include deployment of the Smart Patient Discovery feature.

Potential patients can be suggested to any research site coordinator using the StudyTeam system after obtaining information from a sponsor’s protocol.

This allows sites to effectively connect the right patient to the right trial.

In addition to AstraZeneca, Amgen and Eli Lilly and Company are using Reify Health’s StudyTeam to work with more than 3,000 research sites in over 100 countries.

Clinical research site Redlands Hematology Oncology senior data manager Katherine Wall said: “We now use StudyTeam to track patient recruitment and patient enrollment for all of our studies.

“StudyTeam is a huge game changer for us to track all our patients in the solid tumour and hematologic malignancy trials that we’re participating in, and we’re now able to be even more efficient with our prescreening, thanks to StudyTeam.”