Speech neuroscience company Aural Analytics and patient-centric digital biomarker company Koneksa have entered a collaboration to support clinical trials using speech analytics.

Under the deal, Koneksa will further boost its platform and research expertise by leveraging Aural Analytics’ technology, Speech Vitals.

Speech is a key objective data stream that enables a better understanding of the progression of the disease and can be utilised to support new methods of care delivery in the at-home setting and clinic.

The existing state of neurology is mainly reliant on functional rating scales and patients’ self-reporting.

Aural’s Speech Vitals would add value on top of what currently existing tools offer so that clinicians can make improved decisions.

The research-grade platforms of the companies are streamlined to back trials at scale throughout development and commercial pharma pipelines.

Aural Analytics CEO Judy Smythe said: “Partnerships with leading digital research providers such as Koneksa strengthen our reach across the research ecosystem and advance our mission to develop best-in-class, clinical-grade speech analytics.

“Koneksa and Aural Analytics share a vision in which speech analytics are an essential element of best-in-class digital biomarkers, which, in time, will further the fields of research and clinical care across neurodegenerative conditions.”

The objective of this partnership is to easily incorporate speech measures into Koneksa studies and digital biomarker development programmes.

Koneksa CEO and co-founder Chris Benko said: “We’re excited to work with Aural Analytics to integrate speech collection in our clinical trials.

“Through this partnership, our teams will develop best-in-class digital biomarkers to pioneer a better care experience, with a particular focus on neurodegenerative conditions.”