Berry Consultants has launched Fixed and Adaptive Clinical Trial Simulator (FACTS) 7 for its existing users and new clients.

FACTS 7 consists of a new module for platform trial designs.

It will allow users to simulate trials where many treatments are tested, with treatments entering and leaving the trial over time.

The simulation capabilities built into the tool are for continuous and dichotomous endpoints with constraints related to various trial-level participants and arms.

Users can specify a maximum time for enrolment, the number of subjects, the definition of successful treatments, participants per arm and concurrent treatments.

The tool can also simulate treatments arriving at different times at the time of the trial.

It also provides allocation options including fixed proportion to control, allocation ratios dependent on the number of treatments and response adaptive randomisation.

Berry Consultants Software Solutions director Tom Parke said: “We are thrilled to be able to take some of the concepts and approaches of platform trials from the Berry Consultants scientific team and be able to apply that to our FACTS software.

“This new module brings some initial capabilities and features to our FACTS users as a first step, and we will be continuing to develop this platform trial software in future releases.

“We will continue to develop FACTS and provide our users with the latest and most innovative features in clinical trial design.”

Through licensing the FACTS software package, the advanced approach of platform trials can be shared with commercial clients with the tool.