Bezyl and Thread have entered a strategic collaboration to offer the former’s mental health digital app and support system to clinical trial participants.

The Bezyl app, which is based within a safe communications platform, aids trial participants to seek help from friends, family and caregivers.

Furthermore, the app offers access to easy-to-navigate resources tailored to the patients’ requirements.

Patients can also seek help from their network, set check-ins and reminders and monitor their moods using the Bezyl app.

The app acts as a peer-support tool to aid patients to overcome anxiety, retain trial participation, adhere to the treatment and build mental strength.

Thread will provide the mental health app to trial sponsors as an optional solution delivered directly by Bezyl, under the collaboration.

Bezyl founder and CEO Esther Howard said: “Our ultimate mission is to end the global mental health pandemic by helping people help each other. 

“Patients participating in clinical research, especially cancer patients, can benefit from realising the full strength of their network of supporters.”

Decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) technology and electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) provider, Thread facilitates making studies more inclusive and participant-centric.

Bezyl’s app complements Thread’s offerings by giving a new tool to support mental health and connection throughout the trial’s lifecycle.

Thread CEO John Reites said: “We recognise that supporting participants in clinical trials requires a multi-faceted approach. 

“We are proud to offer Bezyl to our customers as a secure and unique solution to support mental health.”