Clinical life science solutions provider Bioclinica has expanded its portfolio of specialty software solutions with the addition of ‘Image Redact AI’ for clinical trials.

The new product will support the redaction of sensitive patient information from videos in addition to photos and PDFs in clinical trials.

Image Redact AI offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies a tool for redaction and ensures compliance and patient privacy.

Bioclinica chief innovation officer Dan Gebow said: “Image Redact AI is the latest demonstration of how we are delivering value to our customers using cutting-edge technology.

“Today, we can include videos in the long list of file types that our image de-identification system can handle with ease.”

Earlier, it was difficult to ensure videos fully comply with patient privacy regulations in clinical trials. This increased the risk of costly penalties and reputation damage for sponsors of clinical trials.

Bioclinica’s new AI application enables them to benefit from peace of mind and processing capabilities that cut down time to redact patient identifiers within videos.

The company’s launch of the new solution follows its acquisition of AI company Saliency.

Bioclinica Image Redact AI automatically redacts sensitive patient identifiers from videos, photos, and PDFs and safeguards sensitive clinical trial data.

By pairing AI-driven de-identification with the human oversight of an experienced quality control team, it will help ensure videos and photos comply with 21 CFR Part 11, EU GDPR, and other privacy regulations.

Image Redact AI pre-screens to ensure accurate file type and size before the submission of a video, photo, or PDF to the company’s 100% browser-based Global Cloud Network that is secure.

The technology then removes all sensitive patient information by performing the de-identification process.

This will be followed by a 100% human visual quality control review by Bioclinica technicians for proper de-identification prior to the availability of the data.