Biomedical software company BostonGene and network technologies provider NEC have formed a strategic collaboration to analyse cancer patients being treated under NEC’s clinical trials.

This partnership combines NEC’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based approach to cancer immunotherapy with the biomedical software firm’s analytical tools.

As part of the collaboration, BostonGene will perform tumour molecular profiling as well as micro-environment analysis for cancer patients. These patients are identified in trials by NEC and its affiliates based on cancer types.

The partnership is aimed at providing molecular characterisation of patient tumours in order to improve treatment response.

BostonGene president and CEO Andrew Feinberg said: “We are very excited to partner with NEC.

“The collaboration between NEC and BostonGene demonstrates the combined commitment to delivering truly breakthrough therapies that identify personalised, effective treatments to dramatically improve patients’ chances for survival and quality of life.”

According to BostonGene, the company’s solution integrates next-generation sequencing (NGS) gathered from a patient’s tumour with the data of patients with similar diagnosis, analysing tumour and microenvironment activity of the tumour at the same time.

It will also identify all important somatic alterations, tumour promoting activity, and suppressing processes, as well as tumour microenvironment cellular composition and tumour heterogeneity, among many other molecular features.

NEC Corporation senior vice-president Osamu Fujikawa said: “We are partnering with BostonGene because of their advanced patient analysis services.

“The strategic collaboration with BostonGene is reflective of our mission to improve cancer patient outcomes. BostonGene’s innovative data analytics platform combined with NEC’s cutting-edge AI technology gives us the tools needed to focus on advancing treatment options for cancer patients.”