E-Clinical and regulatory solutions and services provider Calyx has launched the Supply Simulation Service for forecasting and optimising clinical trial supplies.

Available through the company’s in-house statistical design and trial supplies consultants, the new service helps sponsors improve clinical trial efficiencies.

It helps to predict how long an existing amount of study medication will last, as well as evaluate the quantity of medication required for commencing and maintaining clinical trial enrolment, and determine optimal site and depot buffer stock quantities.

The service also enables companies to balance the cost of shipments and reduce the burden of excessive wastage of drugs.

Calyx Supply Simulation uses simulation modelling methodology and more than 50 design parameters, which mimic an Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system.

It evaluates the impact of protocol amendments and considers several real-life, fixed, and variable domains, as well as ‘what if’ scenarios, which frequently occur during clinical trials.

Calyx operations vice-president Juan Munoz Pujol said: “We’re pleased to offer this valuable service so that global clinical trial sponsors can reduce the risk of drug availability impacting their clinical studies as patients progress through the dispensing events of clinical trials.

“In addition, by optimising supply requirements upfront with Calyx Supply Simulation, sponsors can minimise the amount of drugs that end up destroyed during clinical trials, which will reduce excessive drug wastage and help sponsors meet their corporate sustainability goals.”

The expert supply chain analysts’ team of the company works with each trial sponsor to understand their specific challenges and adapt the new service to meet their requirements.