Care Access has acquired Instituto Brasil de Pesquisa Clínica (IBPClin), a clinical trial centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to expand its decentralised clinical trial (DCT) capabilities to Latin America.

IBPClin is one of the largest Latin American research centres.

The centre has to date carried out over 160 industry-sponsored research studies that enrolled more than 7,000 subjects across 12 states in Brazil and provides remote monitoring, telemedicine and home care assistance for patients. 

With the takeover, the IBPClin’s research team can serve Latin American patients with what previously has been US-only decentralised expertise that can bring complex research visits to patients who are interested.

Through the acquisition, difficult-to-reach, underserved and usually underrepresented population in the Latin American region will gain access to clinical trials.

Care Access has developed a clinical trial delivery model for decentralising the clinical research site and brings research to patients who are difficult to reach, by merging mobile research infrastructure, traveling clinical specialists and virtual investigators. 

This strategy has extended access to trials for varied and underserved population in the US and has attracted investment to healthcare infrastructure and enhanced the quality of care.

The company has made substantial development using Series C and Series D financing over the last year to extend its expertise for international clinical trials and the worldwide regulatory ecosystem. 

Care Access CEO and co-founder Ahmad Namvargolian said: “We’re on a path to achieve dramatically better and faster results for global clinical trials, with the intention to accelerate the approval process of new therapies and to bring more treatment options to healthcare. 

“Our mission is to bring to life the future of clinical research, and IBPClin shares our vision to bring our unique DCT model to Latin America.”