Clinical research sites network Care Access Research has launched the Covid-19 Clinical Trials Alliance to connect sites, sponsors and CROs to accelerate coronavirus trials.

The strategic collaboration is aimed at accelerating tests, treatment, and vaccines for the deadly virus.

According to Care Access Research, the healthcare industry is currently in urgency to increase the number of sites that are capable of running efficient Covid-19 trials.

Care Access Research CEO and co-founder Ahmad Namvargolian said: “The industry needs swift collaboration like never before. It is critical for study sponsors to find clinical trial sites fast enough to avoid delays in trials. Each day lost means lives lost.

“Now more than ever, the industry needs the ability to quickly connect research-capable clinics and hospitals with trial sponsors looking for them. This alliance gives sponsors a simple way to connect with sites around the globe to run their Covid-19 trials.”

The Covid-19 Clinical Trials Alliance aims to speed up trials by matching research-enabled sites with study sponsors.

The plan is that, by making hundreds of sites available in one place to Covid-19 studies, participants will be able to cut out the months-long lag when looking for research sites for studies.

As part of this work for the joint alliance, Care Access Research will provide support services to sites that are interested to run coronavirus studies but lack the necessary infrastructure associated with it.

Salt Lake City gastroenterologist and principal investigator Peder J. Pedersen said: “Care Access Research has been a fantastic partner in preparing our site to run Covid-19 trials.

“While we focus primarily on GI studies at our site, we want to contribute to the Covid-19 response. Care Access Research has made it possible for us to do that.”