Clario has chosen the GlobalLink Applanga technology, a Cloud-based translation management system of TransPerfect, to optimise translation processes.

The Translation Workbench of Clario is utilised to simplify the localisation process, including multilingual content management for licenced scales and data collection material, as well as guaranteeing on-screen precision. 

As Clario handles nearly 150 studies simultaneously, with each of them averaging 20 languages and eight evaluations, the company requires technology that provided them with the automation to expedite the eCOA trial kick-off process.

The GlobalLink Applanga solution is said to lower the eCOA trial start-up times and enhance worldwide patient access to clinical trials.

It has capabilities designed especially for web-based applications, including handheld devices and clinical applications. This technology aids Clario in efficiently addressing app localisation needs.

The workbench begins the localisation process and speeds up screenshot analysis and approval by linking with Applanga through API.

For each evaluation, screenshot capture is automated which facilitates the gathering and pushing of screenshots with reduced effort.

Following Applanga deployment, Clario saw a 30% reduction in turnaround times. 

This decline was attained by cutting down the amount of time TransPerfect and Clario spent on communicating, removing the manual work needed to create precise screenshots and translations on eCOA applications. 

The usage of the solution also reduced defects and errors caused by humans, thereby cutting down the workload for quality assurance staff.

Clario eCOA executive vice-president Terry Burke said: “Our clients need to deploy studies in multiple countries and ensure patients have access to accurate and timely translations of their electronic clinical outcomes assessments. 

“Without these, pharma and biopharma clients face delays in getting new medicines to patients, and patients could be unable to provide vital information about their health. 

“With Clario’s global reach and TransPerfect’s technology, we can help increase patient access and speed up overall study set-up times.”

In October this year, the company published a roadmap for using artificial intelligence to boost the patient experience in decentralised clinical trials.